Les Lauriers

Eco Hotel & Restaurant

Les Lauriers Eco Hotel & Restaurant is situated on Praslin, the second largest island of the Seychelles islands, approximately thirty kilometers from the main island, Mahé.

This little hotel and its well-known restaurant is located on the north coast of the island, only a short walk to the magnificent Côte d'Or beach

Using the opportunity of the reconstruction, Les Lauriers Eco Hotel followed a new path and is the benchmark in the Seychelles for Green.

The Eco policy incorporated technologies including: Solar PV panels generating energy, solar stratification tanks to produce hot water, Waste water recycling and Biotechnology cleaning which ensures that all toxic chemicals have been removed from the property, providing a clean and safe environment for all.

In addition all Amenities are echo friendly and an intelligent room control ensure the rooms are always conditioned for guest comfort.

The restaurant offers a nightly creole buffet which includes a large variety of fresh fish, local salads, curries and food grill.

The hotel leaves the guest with a true feeling of the Seychelles with all your home comforts.
Truly a Surreal experience.